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Pune RTO Cracks Down After Kalyaninagar Accident: 52 Drivers Penalised For Drink Driving

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Pune RTO Cracks Down After Kalyaninagar Accident: 52 Drivers Penalised for Drink Driving

Tejas Navale

Pune: After the Kalyaninagar car accident case, the Regional Transport Office got into alert mode. After the incident, the Pune RTO department launched an intensive inspection drive and took action against 52 individuals who were driving the car while inebriated. Pune RTO has found 11 unregistered vehicles in the action and detained 2 minors for driving vehicles without a license.

The expensive Porsche car that rammed a bike and killed two individuals on the night of May 19 was not registered after it was brought from Bengaluru. After that, many people questioned RTO's carelessness in the action. After that, RTO took the matter seriously and started a search campaign for unregistered vehicles in the city.

Pune RTO established a special 'Vayuveg Pathak' squad to conduct inspections of unregistered vehicles in the city between May 22 and 31. In this drive, the Pune RTO found 11 unregistered vehicles on the road in the city. Pune RTO issued notices to those vehicle dealers asking why their 'trade license' should not be cancelled.

RTO officials also noted that unregistered two-wheelers that were roaming in the city have been purchased by citizens from dealers outside the city. RTO teams also took strict action against drink and drive cases. In the nine days of operation, RTO teams found 52 individuals driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk and drive action has been taken against them, and they have been sent to court. The Pune RTO took a bold decision to suspend the driving licenses of those people who were found flouting traffic rules and regulations.

Sanjeev Bhor, the deputy commissioner of the Pune RTO, informed that the drive against unregistered vehicles will continue in the coming time as well.

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