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NCP (SP) Criticizes Maharashtra Budget As Ploy To Hide Failures

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NCP (SP) criticizes Maharashtra Budget as ploy to hide failures

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Pune: Mahesh Tapase, the Chief Spokesperson of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) led by Sharad Pawar, today strongly criticized the Maharashtra budget presented by Finance Minister Ajit Pawar, calling it a calculated move aimed solely to hide failure of the Shinde government ahead of the upcoming elections.

In a statement, Tapase accused the incumbent government of severe financial mismanagement, resulting in a staggering state debt exceeding ₹7 lakh crores. "The budget presented by Ajit Pawar is nothing more than a sugar-coated document designed to mislead the public. It fails to address the pressing financial issues, unemployment issues, agrarian crisis facing Maharashtra and is merely an attempt to hide the government's failures on all these fronts," Tapase asserted.

Tapase raised critical questions regarding Ajit Pawar's budgetary provisions given the enormous debt burden. "With the state reeling under massive debt due to the current government's fiscal irresponsibility, one wonders where the funds for these schemes and initiatives will come from. This budget lacks a realistic plan for debt reduction and fiscal stability," he added.

Highlighting another significant oversight, Tapase pointed out that Ajit Pawar's budget failed to explain how it will attract business projects to Maharashtra's industrial corridor and reduce unemployment. "In the face of growing unemployment, the Finance Minister has not provided any concrete strategies to draw business investments to the industrial hubs of Maharashtra. This oversight demonstrates a lack of foresight and understanding of the state's economic needs, as Maharashtra slides to the sixth position in per capita income," Tapase emphasized.

Despite the populist measures outlined in the budget, Tapase expressed confidence that the people of Maharashtra would see through the facade. "The citizens of Maharashtra are well aware of the true state of affairs. They will not be swayed by hollow promises and short-term sops. The Mahavikas Aghadi, with its proven track record of governance and integrity, will be voted back into power, and Ajit Pawar will find himself sitting on the opposition benches," Tapase said.

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