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Project Bloodwork – Focus On Healthy Pune, Fit Punekar & Helping Cancer Patients

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  Megha Shinde Manager - Partner Connect & Communications,Sheetal Vaidya (Co-Founder)  Neerad Trivedi (Founder - BMTSF)

At the press conference (from left) -  Megha Shinde Manager - Partner Connect & Communications,Sheetal Vaidya (Co-Founder) and Neerad Trivedi (Founder - BMTSF)

Pune: Health problems are on the rise due to many reasons such as mental stress, genetic diseases, changing life style, changes in diet, water and air pollution and deteriorating air quality. Also, obesity, increase diabetes, high blood pressure, Cancer and related diseases are growing at a rapid pace. it is observed that children and youth are suffering from various disease at a young age. This is a threat to personal health and social health.

Your health matters, and so does the health of our community. Regular Preventive blood checkups can go a long way in preventing the onset or detection in very early ages. Awareness, availability and reliability are factors that prevent people from getting tested early.

Project Bloodwork is an initiative of BMT Support Foundation was launched on world Cancer Day on 4th Feb. by Neerad Trivedi, Cancer survivor, Founder of BMT Support Foundation. We aim to diagnose one Lakh people in Pune under the campaign called ‘Andar ka Selfie’. Metropolis (pathology specialist) one of the best (pathology) in India is our partner organization. Blood test will be done at affordable cost at your home. This includes more than eighty blood tests. A part of this cost will go towards treatment of children with Cancer. Kindly log on to and register for the test to schedule an appointment over the phone.The results will be provided within twenty-four hours after completing the blood test.

Neerad Trivedi, director of BMT Support Foundation of the organization, appeals to the major organizations of Pune, artists, corporate, friends, family, influencers, educational institutions, fitness groups to come together and make this movement successful. 

Neerad Trivedi (Founder - BMTSF), Sheetal Vaidya (Co-Founder), Megha Shinde Manager - Partner Connect & Communications were present during this press conference.

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