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Police Constable Brutally Assaulted By Inmates At Yerawada Jail

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Police Constable Brutally Assaulted by Inmates at Yerawada Jail

Tejas Navale

Pune: A shocking incident unfolded at Yerawada jail on Sunday, May 6, when three inmates viciously attacked a police constable with a stick. The victim, Nanasaheb Marne, sustained a fractured wrist and minor injuries to his body in the assault. Following the incident, a case has been registered against the three prisoners at Yerawada police station.

Marne, who was on duty that day, was assigned the task of patrolling the central jail section due to ongoing construction work. As he observed three individuals passing by, Marne stopped them, concerned that they might be harmed by falling stones in the area.

However, instead of complying with Marne's instructions, the accused became agitated and launched a brutal attack on him. They beat Marne with sticks and kicks, resulting in his fractured wrist and other injuries. After the assault, Marne lodged a complaint against the assailants, prompting an investigation led by Assistant Police Inspector Avinash Ahire.

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