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Rising Re-registration Charges Prompt Concerns As Thousands Of Old Vehicles Roam Pune's Streets Unchecked

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Pune: Amid growing concerns over pollution caused by aging vehicles, the central government's decision to hike renewal registration fees in 2022 aims to incentivize the scrapping of old vehicles. However, Pune finds itself grappling with approximately 1 lakh such vehicles still operating without renewed registration, with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) adopting a passive stance, failing to take action against them.

Under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, vehicles are mandated to undergo re-registration every 15 years, followed by renewal every 5 years thereafter. Shockingly, over 100,000 vehicle owners in Pune have neglected to initiate the re-registration or scrapping process.

The Union Transport Ministry's revised fee structure now demands Rs. 1,000 for two-wheelers, a significant hike from the previous Rs. 300. Similarly, light motor vehicles (cars) face a fee of Rs. 5,000, while imported four-wheelers could incur charges of up to Rs. 40,000. Additionally, owners must pay vehicle inspection fees and green taxes during the renewal process.

Critics argue that these exorbitant fees pose a burden, particularly on the middle class, leading to reluctance among owners to re-register their vehicles. However, deferring re-registration invites penalties of Rs. 300 per month for two-wheelers and Rs. 500 per month for cars, further deterring compliance.

In a bid to spur re-registration and scrapping efforts, the RTO has resorted to sending text messages to vehicle owners. Nevertheless, with a limited response from citizens, the RTO is contemplating alternative strategies.

Sanjeev Bhor, the Regional Transport Officer in charge, underscored the legal requirement for vehicle registration, warning of fines up to Rs. 5,000 for non-compliance. "Driving vehicles without registration is an offence, and doing so will attract a hefty fine from the administration," Bhor emphasised, urging prompt action from vehicle owners to avoid punitive measures.

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