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Easing Commute: State Transport Department Decides To Deploy 1088 Additional Buses In Summer Season For Passengers

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Tejas Navale

Pune: Amid the anticipated surge in passenger traffic during the summer season, the State Road Transport Corporation (SRTC) is gearing up to enhance its services by deploying an additional fleet of buses. The State Transport (ST) Department issued a notification on Thursday, April 4, detailing plans to introduce 1088 extra buses to facilitate smoother travel for commuters.

According to the notification, these additional buses will collectively cover a distance of 5,67,524 kilometres daily. Ratnagiri and Solapur divisions are set to operate the highest number of additional buses, with 86 each, followed by the Pune division, which will see 63 new buses in service this summer. Notably, the Amravati division will introduce only one extra bus, while the Yavatmal division will not run any additional buses during this period.

The summer season, coinciding with school vacations and a surge in travel by people to their hometowns for weddings and other purposes, typically experiences heightened demand for transportation services. This period, alongside popular festivals like Holi, Ganpati, and Diwali, is considered a peak time for the ST department. In light of this, the ST administration has made the decision to augment its fleet with extra buses this year. However, these additional services will be allocated to routes experiencing a minimum of 60 percent traffic load, as specified by the ST administration.

The State Transport (ST) department, along with announcing the addition of extra buses, has issued a set of directives for divisions to adhere to in order to ensure passenger comfort and safety. These guidelines encompass several key areas. They emphasise the importance of maintaining cleanliness in both the bus stand and its surrounding area. Additionally, buses are required to be clean both internally and externally, prioritising hygiene for passengers.

The provision of drinking water at the bus stand is also highlighted as a necessity for passenger convenience. Furthermore, it is mandated that the restroom facilities at the bus station be maintained in a hygienic condition. Lastly, the guidelines also stress the importance of ensuring that the bus station has access to electricity, with operational fans to provide comfort to waiting passengers.

"The summer vacation season starts on April 10th. In light of this, additional buses have been arranged for the convenience of passengers. Similarly, orders have also been given to the head of department to emphasise passenger facilities," said Abhijit Bhosale, Public Relations Officer of the State Transport Corporation, Mumbai.

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