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Rain, Strong Winds Batter UAE, Other Gulf States

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Rain, strong winds batter UAE, other Gulf states

Pune: THE United Arab Emirates, which witnessed historic rain on Tuesday, struggled to get back to its feet on Wednesday, Indian citizens living the the Arab nation said when their familied managed to get in touch with them.

At least 20 people were reported dead in UAE and other neighbouring Gulf states following the heavy rain accompanied by strong winds, said TV news channels.

The rain, which started late Monday evening, flooded roads and intensified on Tuesday morning. The Met office initially recorded 20 millimetres of rain and the end of Tuesday, it registered 142 millimetres of rainfall. 

The heavy rain in UAE and other neighbouring Gulf states caused flash floods and disrupted flights at the Dubai international airport. The airport authorities urged passengers not to land up as the runways were flooded with water.

The Dubai International Airport was worst hit. Passengers were stuck inside and outisde the airport. Those on way to the airport were also stranded. Malls in Dubai were flooded, trapping consumers who had come for shopping. 

On social media, netizens posted videos that stunned the world at the ferocity of the wind, rain and hail. Some of them said the taxiways at the airport was flooded and passengers had hard time reaching the terminals as the roads were flooded. Some Indians who got in touch with the friends and relatives were told that they were safe and they had not seen anything like this even in India.

Educational institutes in UAE had remained closed because of the Met departments warning. And even government employees either took off or worked from home.

The UAE's National Emergency Crisis Management Authority had issued a warning to citizens before the storm to stay at home. The government also told its staff to work from home.

Rain is unsual in UAE and especially during the summer months, such things have never been seen before, netizens said.

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