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DRI Seizes 781 Bengal Monitor Lizard Hemipenes (“Hatha Jodi”) And 19.6 Kg Soft Corals (“Indrajaal”) Near Nashik

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DRI seizes

Mumbai: DRI received a specific intelligence that a gang of wildlife traffickers was seeking prospective buyers for Hatha Jodis (Bengal Monitor Lizard Hemipenes) and soft corals. While acting upon the intelligence, a team of officers of DRI Mumbai laid a trap for the traffickers. The extremely cautious trafficker initially called the buyers, who were closely monitored by the DRI team, to Nandagaon railway station (Nashik district) but kept on changing locations for nearly 3 hours, finally deciding to exchange at a tribal hamlet with an extremely harsh terrain consisting of thorny scrubland with no scope for movement of four-wheelers.

3-4 reconnaissance patrol groups on bikes were engaged by the traffickers throughout the area to continuously monitor the area. The DRI team evaded identification by the patrol groups by displaying blue flags on their vehicle and blending in with many other vehicles that displayed the same due to the impending Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations.

As the trafficker brought the contraband for exchange, the team tried to rush in, but were stopped by a patrol group on a bike. Further, the trafficker was alerted and, in no time, the team was surrounded by 30-odd tribals who started pelting stones at the officers. Using this opportunity, the trafficker and his associates tried to run away with the contraband.

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