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Rahul Gandhi's Election As LS Leader Of Oppn Is Poetic Justice, Says Sharad Pawar's Party

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Rahul Gandhi's Election as LS Leader of Oppn is poetic justice, says Sharad Pawar's party

The Indian Parliament today elected Shri Om Birla as the Speaker and Mr Rahul Gandhi as the Leader of the Opposition in the Loksabha.

Nationalist Congress Party (SP) Chief Spokesperson Mahesh Tapase welcomed the significant development. He pointed out the irony that Mr. Om Birla, who had previously revoked Rahul Gandhi's MP status, will now have to run the House with Gandhi as a key opposition figure. 

Mr Tapase emphasised that this showcases the true strength and resilience of the Indian Constitution.

The election of Rahul Gandhi is a pivotal moment for the opposition, united under the banner of the INDIA (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance) coalition. This alliance is poised to be a formidable force in Parliament, fearlessly addressing and advocating for the people's issues, Mr Tapase said.

Mr Tapase expressed confidence that the INDIA alliance will effectively counter the Modi government's arbitrary actions, particularly in high-ranking appointments within key government agencies such as the ED and CBI.

The Spokesperson for Sharad Pawar’s party also highlighted the alliance's commitment to ensuring that bills presented in Parliament undergo thorough discussion and debate before becoming law. He affirmed that the opposition parties, under the INDIA alliance, will steadfastly serve as the voice of the Indian people in the Parliament, safeguarding the Constitution and upholding democratic principles.

The INDIA alliance's unified stance promises a robust and dynamic opposition, dedicated to addressing the concerns and aspirations of the citizens, and holding the government accountable for its actions, he added.

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