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Pune Woman Duped Of Rs 40.5 Lakhs By Fraudster Exploiting Acquaintance Through Matrimonial Site

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Matrimonial Fraud

Image Source - Instagram/ Hindustan Matrimonial 

Tejas Navale

Pune: A computer engineer woman from Pune fell victim to a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by a man named Rajesh Sharma through a matrimonial website, resulting in a staggering loss of Rs 40,50,000. Following the deceitful act, the victim lodged a complaint against the accused under charges of fraud and violations of the IT Act.

The plaintiff, employed as a computer engineer at an IT firm in the Kharadi area, has registered herself on a few matrimonial platforms for marriage. It was on one such site that she encountered Rajesh Sharma, who expressed a mutual interest in establishing a relationship with her.

Subsequently, Sharma and the woman engaged in conversations, with Sharma assuring her of marriage and professing to reside abroad. He painted a picture of his future plans, including starting a business upon his return to India. To gain her trust, Sharma even went as far as sending a counterfeit flight ticket to her.

As a part of his sinister ploy, Sharma told the woman that he landed at Delhi airport; however, at the airport, he was held by the Central Customs Department regarding the matter of foreign currency. The accused asked the plaintiff girl to deposit some money into his account to stop this inquiry and promised to return her money sooner.

Believing his words, the plaintiff deposited a sum of Rs 40,50,000 in the accused's account. However, to the plaintiff's surprise, after this, the accused turned his phone off and blocked the plaintiff from all social media platforms. After realising that she had been cheated, the plaintiff immediately rushed to Mundhwa Police Station and registered a complaint against the accused.

Authorities at Mundhwa Police Station have booked the accused under sections of the IT Act along with relevant sections of the IPC and initiated investigations into the matter.

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