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Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar Threatens Harsh Penalties For Hotels And Pubs Ignoring Regulations On Late-Night Activities

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Tejas Navale

Pune: Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar gave a stern warning to officials in regard to taking strict action against the hotels and pubs that violate the police rules and indulge in 'drunken' debauchery till dawn. Furthermore, the police commissioner also warned of strict action against police officers who drag their feet while taking action against concerned bar and hotel owners.

He informed that local residents have been lodging complaints about two pubs in the Kalyaninagar area continuing their operations late into the night. He also held police officials accountable for this, questioning the unawareness of concerned police stations about the issue despite the complaints and ordering an inquiry into the relevant officers and employees.

On Monday, the Crime Branch took action and registered cases against five people for playing loud sound systems even after 1.30 in the night in two pubs, 'Ellora' and 'Unicorn' in Kalyaninagar. On this backdrop, the commissioner was speaking to media reporters on Wednesday.

"We have taken this issue seriously. Police stations have been ordered to take action against hotels and pubs violating police rules. Even after that, it is observed that the staff of the local police station are showing kindness to them. Therefore, their responsibility has to be determined," said the police commissioner.

After taking charge as Police Commissioner, Amitesh Kumar imposed strict regulations on the hotel-pub operators in the city who played out loud music in the night, disregarding the government rules. As per the rules, hotels, restaurants, and pubs in the city were allowed to do business till half past midnight. However, it has been observed that some hotel and pub operators are blatantly flouting these regulations and running bars and restaurants until the early hours of the morning.

After receiving complaints from citizens in this regard, the Commissioner of Police has taken action against unruly hotels and pubs. He said that if it is noticed that illegal business is going on within the police station, the in-charge of the police station will also be held liable for it.

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