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On Kerala Poll Terrain, It Is Congress And CPM Versus BJP

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Kerala Poll

Pune: On the election terrain of Kerala, a different kind of a fight is on cards.

It is the fight between Congress and CPM on one side and BJP on the other.

The Congress and CPM are strongly opposing the plan to screen the 2023 film, The Kerala Story on Doordarshan.

Both the Congress and CPM have written to the Election Commisison of India, urging it to ensure that the movie is not shown on the national broadcaster.

The Congress said it was an extremely malicious story. The party said it was a propoganda film and based on false premises.

The CPM said the film telecast has been schedule with a political agenda and had a theme which was against the Muslim community.

The BJP has on the other hand BJP and CPM talk about freedom of expression. And in the same breath they are opposing the Kerala Story. The BJP alleged that the Congress and CPM had taken anti Hindu stand when ''Meesha'' novel was published, leading to a controversy.

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