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Modi-led BJP Is In Favour Of Pakistan, Alleges Congress

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Modi-led BJP is in favour  of Pakistan, alleges Congress

Pune: The Maharashtra Congress has criticised the statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he has said Pakistan will celebrate if Congress wins the election.

''The Prime Minister, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and other BJP leaders are indulging in speaking the falsehoods during the ongoing election campaign. At a recent election rally, the Prime said that if Congress wins, Pakistan will celebrate. The Prime Minister should remember that it was Indira Gandhi who was the Prime Minister and a Congress leader who had broken Pakistan into two parts by creating Bangladesh,'' MPCC spokesperson Mr Gopal Tiwari said in a press release.

The Congress said there are several instances which show BJP's tilt towards Pakistan. ''DRDO scientist Pradeep Kurulkar was arrested after he allegedly provided sensitive documents to Pakistani ISI agents. Was he slapped with Anti-National Act ? What happened to the case ?, Also, it should be remembered that it was during the BJP rule of Modi Sarkar, ISI officials were allowed to visit Pathankot in the wake of the terror attack. It was beyond imagination as to how India could allow a secret agency from Pakistan to visit the country,'' he said.

The Congress said during demonetisation, the Modi Sarkar said it has taken the decision to stop terror activities. ''However, during demonetisation, people were seen in long queues in which many of them died. Rs 2000 notes were seized during this time from terrorists. What did this signify ? Was an investigation conducted into this seizure ?,'' Mr Tiwari asked.

The Congress said Prime Minister Modi without any invitation visited Pakistan for the birthday celebrations of its Prime Minister. ''He went there probably to eat biryani...Where was the country's self-respect mortgage then?,'' Mr Tiwari asked.

The Congress said the nation want to know what happened after the 2019 Pulwama terrorists attack. ''A top cop with two terrorists was arrested during that time. Was the responsbility for Pulwama attack not fixed,'' Tiwari asked.

Tiwari said onion farmers in the country were put in all kinds of trouble by the Modi Sarkar by allowing import of the produce from farmers. ''If we look at all these examples, it clear that Pakistan will celebrate if BJP wins. Modi's BJP is close to Pakistan and China. It has been clearly exposed,'' he said.

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