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Labourer Killed In Dispute Over Borrowed Money, Accused Arrested

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Labourer Killed in Dispute Over Borrowed Money, Accused Arrested

Tejas Navale

Pune: A tragic incident occurred at the Sri Sai Fortune Royal Group construction site in Moshi, where a labourer lost his life after being pushed into a 40-foot-deep elevator duct following an argument over borrowed money. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon around 3:30 p.m., leading to the arrest of one individual by the MIDC Bhosari police.

The victim, identified as Satyanarayan Karsh, was pushed into the elevator duct after a heated dispute with the accused, Surendra Kumar Vyasnarayan Karsh, aged 32 and a resident of the Labor Camp in Shivaji Wadi, Moshi. Surendra has been booked and arrested under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in connection with the case. The complaint was filed by the victim's cousin, Gajanand Kirisingh Karsh.

According to the police, the altercation stemmed from Satyanarayan's delay in repaying a loan of Rs 1,000 that he had borrowed from Surendra. On Sunday afternoon, Satyanarayan, along with several others, was engaged in plaster work near the elevator duct on the first floor of the Shree Sai Fortune Society in Moshi. It was during this time that Surendra approached Satyanarayan at the work site, demanding repayment of the borrowed sum.

A heated argument ensued, with Surendra allegedly grabbing Satyanarayan's collar, hurling abuses, and threatening him with dire consequences if the money was not repaid immediately. In a tragic turn of events, Surendra forcefully pushed Satyanarayan, causing him to plummet into the 40-foot-deep elevator duct. Satyanarayan sustained severe injuries from the fall, ultimately leading to his untimely demise.

The police promptly registered a case of murder against the accused, Surendra Kumar, and apprehended him. The MIDC Bhosari police are currently conducting further investigations into the incident.

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