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Mumbai Airport Gold Smuggling Ring Busted; 8 Kg Gold Seized, 11 Arrested

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Mumbai Airport , Gold Smugglers

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Tejas Navale

Pune: A startling revelation has emerged regarding gold smuggling at Mumbai International Airport, with authorities seizing a total of 8 kg of gold valued at Rs 4.69 crore. The clandestine operation involved smuggling gold through unconventional methods, including concealing it in underwear and clothes and attaching gold bars to hair clips.

According to police sources, a group of 11 individuals, including two foreign nationals, have been apprehended in connection with the smuggling racket. The seized gold, discovered through a thorough investigation, has been valued at Rs 4.69 crore and confiscated by the customs department.

The modus operandi of the smuggling ring included disguising gold in various forms, such as gold wax, rhodium-plated wire, buckles, and rings shaped like washers. Such incidents of gold smuggling have been recurrent at Mumbai International Airport, with another seizure of gold worth Rs 3.52 crore reported on Monday, also by the Customs Department.

In the recent incident, gold was found smuggled both within the bodies of individuals as well as concealed within clothing and check-in bags. A total of 6.11 kg of gold was seized in separate operations, accompanied by the confiscation of 20,000 dollars and several mobile phones.

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