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Karad Rural Police Arrest Father In Connection With Son's Alleged Murder; Investigation Underway

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Karad Rural Police Arrest Father in Connection with Son's Alleged Murder; Investigation Under

Tejas Navale

Pune: A startling incident has come to light in the Satara district of Maharashtra, where a 42-year-old individual was killed by his father by striking him with a wooden stick on his head. In this regard, Karad Rural Police have apprehended the father of the murdered individual.

Sachin Vilas Mohite lodged a complaint regarding it at Karad Rural Police Station on Saturday. The deceased individual has been identified as Sharad Prataprao Mohite, residing near Dyaneshwar Mandir, Rethre Budruk, Taluka Karad.

As per the police information, the deceased Sharad Mohite was a habitual drunkard, and he has been living in Rethre Budruk village of Karad along with his father, Prataprao Gulabrao Mohite, and mother, Kamal Prataprao Mohite. In his drinking spree, Sharad had sold various household items, grains, and television sets in the house.

Furthermore, it was also complained that Sharad was continuously abusing and assaulting his parents after being drunk. In the latest such incident, Sharad came to his house after being heavily drunk on Saturday. After that, he started abusing his parents and taking them out of the house in an intoxicated state. Furthermore, he also went on the rampage with the intention of killing his father.

In a fit of anger over continuous harassment, Prataprao took a nearby wooden stick and hit it on the head of his son. As the blow was so severe, Sharad fell to the ground, and blood started coming out of his head.

After that, the plaintiff, Sachin Mohite, and nearby residents rushed Sharad to a nearby hospital. However, doctors declared him dead upon arrival. Karad Rural took strict action on the case and immediately arrested Prataprao Mohite. Meanwhile, further investigation is underway.

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