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Inauguration Of Bhaskaracharya Space Observatory        

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Inauguration of Bhaskaracharya Space Observatory        

Pune: The Bhaskaracharya Astronomy Lab was inaugurated at Firangaimata High School, Kurkumbh, taluka Daund. This center is from Corporate social responsibility Henkel Company. Henkel's Director of Innovation Niamh OReilly, Dr. Prasad Khandagale, Nilesh Adkar, Plant Manager Harpreet Sidhu, Govind Pawar, Jeevan Jagdale, Shilpa Nigade, Yogesh Mane, Shekhar Dumbre , Henkel Employees, Principal Nana Saheb Bhapkar , Prof. Vishal Kumbhare ,Global Mission Astronomy, teachers and students were present.   

Niamh O'Reilly said that the students will get world-class knowledge of astronomy due to this lab and it was a pleasure to see that Hekel India is doing this in rural areas. To inculcate interest in astronomy in students and find answers to many questions related to space by themselves through space observation. For this purpose, telescopes with high quality lenses, binoculars, 3D neon paintings, astronomy documentaries, software, all necessary materials for space observation and various types of space guidance books are provided to school and made available to the students in the astronomy lab.  

Prof. Vishal Kumbhare did the Planning, layout and operation of the Astronomy Lab from Global Mission Astronomy and Research , and further training work will be done under his guidance. Dr. Prasad Khandagale also said that all the students in this school are from rural areas , from this astronomy lab, students will be able to learn many things like planets, stars, solar system, nebula, galaxy, eclipses where the foundation of students to become astronomers will be laid from here., further said that this is the 11th astronomy lab in Pune area and efforts are being made to reach the underprivileged sections of the society with new technology. 

Vishal Kumbhare gave information about the work Mission Astronomy is doing in the Pune area. He gave in-depth information about the Astronomy Lab to the dignitaries. On this occasion, the students of Henkel Astronomy Lab, Talegaon Dabhade, who launched the satellite from Isra Bangalore, were felicitated. Bhapkar sir done vote of thanks.

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