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Chief Minister - Majhi Ladki Bahin Yojana Launched With Enthusiasm By Commissioner Shekhar Singh

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Chief Minister - Majhi Ladki Bahin Yojana launched with enthusiasm by Commissioner Shekhar Singh


Pimpri - The Municipal Corporation is trying to provide maximum facilities to the women sisters in the city for the Chief Minister-Majhi Ladki Bahin Yojana and to save the time of the sisters and avoid crowding, 123 facility centers have been operationalized in the city with sufficient manpower from today and if required, the number of facility centers established by the Municipal Corporation can be increased in the city. Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh informed that it will be done and also appealed to maximum eligible women to take advantage of this scheme.

The ambitious scheme of the state government 'Chief Minister – Majhi Ladki Baheen' was launched by the Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh on behalf of the Municipal Corporation at the old 'C' Zonal Office of the Municipal Corporation in Thergaon today. On this occasion, Additional Commissioner Pradeep Jambhale Patil, Deputy Commissioner Anna Bodde, Assistant Commissioner Social Development Department Tanaji Narle, Zonal Officer Ajinkya Yele, Executive Engineer Nitin Nimbalkar, Public Relations Officer Prafulla Puranik, Group Organizer Vaishali Kharat, Reshma Patil and other municipal officers and employees were present. Members of self-help groups and self-help groups, eligible beneficiaries were present in large numbers.

Commissioner Shekhar Singh said, on behalf of the Municipal Corporation, a total of 123 facility centers have been established in the municipal jurisdiction by determining the main squares and crowded places to provide the benefits of this scheme to the eligible beneficiaries of the city. It includes 8 zonal offices of the Municipal Corporation, 57 municipal schools , 17 tax collection offices, and 41 camp sites such as main squares, crowded places, and markets. Commissioner Singh also said that considering the possible response of women to this scheme and the increasing crowd, the number of facility centers will be increased and the Municipal Corporation intends to complete the online registration of all eligible beneficiaries before 31st August.

The state government has reduced the requirement of resident and income proof to benefit from this scheme and the beneficiaries can avail the benefit of this scheme on the basis of yellow or orange ration card. He also said that it is mandatory for the beneficiary to have an Aadhaar card for this. He said that the help of women's self-help groups will be taken to implement this scheme and to promote and spread the scheme and registration will also be done by going door to door.

On this occasion , application acceptance was conveyed to the eligible beneficiaries by Commissioner She Khar Singh. Speaking on the occasion, the beneficiary sister Deepa Jogdand expressed her satisfaction and expressed her gratitude that the Municipal Corporation has provided this facility everywhere in the city for the campaign of Chief Minister of the Government - My Beloved Sister.

Ajinkya Yele introduced the program and Prafulla Puranik moderated and thanked.

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