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Bahujan Samaj Expects The VBA, BSP And RPI(I) To Form Alliances With INDIA, Says Survey

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Results of survey

Pune: Results of Survey undertaken to invite attention of the political parties primarily representing Bahujan Samaj to the expectations of Bahujan Samaj Ahead of 2024 Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha Elections in Maharashtra.

‘Parivartan’, an informal association of self-motivated social activists from the Bahujan Samaj constituted by the SCs, STs and OBCs, conducted an online survey aimed at inviting attention of the political parties primarily representing Bahujan Samaj to the expectations of the Bahujan Samaj, ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections in Maharashtra.

As many as 50 questions were asked in 5 sections in the questionnaire prepared for the survey.

Considering the urgency caused by the forthcoming elections, the Parivartan now publishes the conclusions of the 14 questions which are directly related to the political aspects, such as alliances, unity amongst the political parties representing the Bahujan Samaj, EVMs, etc.

The SC, ST & OBCs, constituting more than 80 percent of India’s total population remains marginalized in the political front. Despite the significant presence of Bahujan Samaj in India’s demography, the political parties primarily representing the Bahujan Samaj in Maharashtra, including the major parties, namely, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA), and Republican Party of India (Athavale) [RPI(A)], find it extremely difficult to address the concerns of the underprivileged sections. The findings of the survey can be helpful for BSP, VBA, [RPI (A)] parties to plan appropriate strategies in the upcoming elections that will address the issues raised in the survey.  

This information is being given in the Press Conference by Mr. Pankaj Jadhav of Incraft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Dattatray Gorse and Advocate Arun Dolas.

Key Results of the Survey:

1. Regarding Alliance strategy:The Survey indicates that the Bahujan Samaj expects the VBA, BSP and RPI(I) to form alliances with INDIA. 63 percent participants feel that an alliance should be formed between VBA and INDIA. 62 percent expect such alliance between BSP and INDIA; and 52 percent expect such alliance between RPI(A) and INDIA.

2. Regarding preferences of the voters of the Bahujan Samaj: 49 percent (highest) participants indicated that VBA will be their most preferred party while voting if political parties representing the Bahujan Samaj did not form an alliance with either the NDA or INDIA. Whereas 31 percent of the participants indicated to vote for the INDIA alliance in such a scenario. This reflects the growing popularity of VBA among the Bahujan Samaj as well as the need for an alliance between INDIA and VBA in Maharashtra.

3. Regarding Unity Among Political Parties Representing Bahujan Samaj:A huge group constituting 77 percent of the Bahujan Samaj survey participants feels necessity of these parties amalgamating into one strong political party. The majority, i.e., 55 percent participants of the survey believe that all political parties representing the Bahujan Samaj can unite despite disagreements amongst them and despite failure of past efforts to unite them. The youths, i.e. 65 percent females and 62 percent males upto the age of 38 years is more optimistic about happening their unity.

4. Regarding Hurdles in forming their Unity:The survey indicates that such amalgamation of parties representing the Bahujan Samaj is possible if they remove the main hurdles namely, ego of leaders , selfishness , and lack of mutual trust .

5. Regarding the Possibility of their Unity:61 percent participants feel that in the present circumstances in Maharashtra, BSP and VBA can unite in one party. 59 percent expressed desire of such unity between VBA and RPI (A). However, 54 percent participants see no possibility of all three major parties, i.e., BSP, VBA and RPI (A) uniting presently.60 percent participants have no hope of unity between the BSP and RPI (A).

6. Regarding Political Scenario:The Survey shows that even though the Bahujan Samaj constitutes more than 80 percent of India's population, no political party representing them will form the government at the Center or in Maharashtra due to divisions in their votes amongst various political parties.

7. Regarding Preference for Voting Medium:The survey shows that 95 percent people have no trust on EVMs as tool or medium for voting and desire to opt traditional ballot papers over EVMs for fair and transparent election process.

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