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Trend Micro’s Pune Leg Underscores Importance Of Cybersecurity Consolidation And Innovation

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Trend Micro’s Pune Leg Underscores Importance of Cybersecurity Consolidation and Innovation


Pune, 9 July, 2024 – Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, has successfully concluded the Pune segment of its Risk to Resilience World Tour in India. The event had 60 attendees from 35 organizations, marking a significant milestone in a tour spanning seven Indian cities. This tour follows last year’s extensive global engagement across 60 countries, including visits to five major Indian cities.

Under the theme “Innovation Meets Adrenaline,” the event facilitated discussions on modern cyber resilience, the integration of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) with Attack Surface Risk Management (ASRM), and effective strategies for cloud risk mitigation.

Sharda Tickoo, Country Manager for India & SAARC at Trend Micro, highlighted the strategic importance of Pune for Trend Micro, by saying “Our remarkable progress in this region underscores Trend Micro's dedication to growth, technological innovation, and local engagement. As global security trends emerge here, local businesses seek not only comprehensive IT visibility but also technology consolidation, seamless integration with other cybersecurity products, fewer false positives, and enhanced cybersecurity resilience. Our ASRM empowers these enterprises with superior visibility, proactive risk management, and fortified security postures. Leading IT and financial companies in this market trust our Gen AI-powered Trend Vision One platform, which scales seamlessly across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments, offering comprehensive threat visibility and actionable insights.”

The event also included a panel discussion featuring Manikrao Patil, Group CISO at Kirloskar Group, and Solkar Nagaraj, CISO at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. on the theme "Winning Strategies for Cyber Consolidation & Communication" moderated by Kunal Kimatkar, Regional Head, West - Enterprise Business at Trend Micro. Talking about Trend Micro’s R2R event, Manikrao Patil emphasized the importance of CISOs collaborating to counteract malicious actors, as this shared knowledge enhances our defense strategies. Solkar Nagaraj stressed the necessity and critical role of IT security consolidation in a high-risk environment while Manikrao further added on how it aids in aligning business requirements with emerging threats. The panelists concurred that consolidation strikes a balance between security and operational efficiency. On the pros and cons of generative AI, the speakers concluded that, regardless of the sector, the use of generative AI must be approached with well-defined boundaries. Regarding talent retention, Manikrao suggested that developing clear career progression plans provides valuable opportunities to retain skilled personnel, while Solkar opined that a willingness to learn is equally essential.

A recent Trend Micro report places India as the fifth most targeted nation globally for ransomware attacks, with the Manufacturing, Government, and Banking sectors being the most affected by malware. In response to the increasing complexity of cyberattacks, especially with the rise of Generative AI, Trend Micro has extended its Risk to Resilience World Tour to seven Indian cities this year. This expansion aims to share advanced strategies for enhancing organizational resilience and building enduring partnerships.

Trend Micro also recently announced a partnership with NVIDIA to develop AI-powered cybersecurity tools for data centers.

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