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Sunetra Pawar Visited The Samadhi Of Sadguru Shri Shankar Maharaj...

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Sunetra Pawar

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Pune: Sunetra Pawar, the Grand Alliance candidate for the Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency, gets a ton of support, affection, and blessings from the public. She knelt to Sadhguru with a broad feeling, knowing that after being elected on the same strength, Sadhguru Shri Shankar Maharaj would undoubtedly grant her the strength to vindicate his faith in the entire Lok Sabha constituency with the strength of development works, ambitious plans, and public relations.

She mentioned that she sensed an unearthly devotion in the air when she added, "On this occasion, this Namaskar done from the heart, with true longing, will reach the feet of the Sadhguru."

Meanwhile, Sunetra Pawar visited various societies during today's tour. She interacted with the citizens at this place and learned about their problems. This election will determine the future of the nation. In light of this, she urged everyone to vote carefully and to elect officials with a sizable majority to bring about future growth in their community.

In addition to office bearers, members of the public, and supporters of the grand alliance's member parties, MLAs Bhimrao Anna Tapkir, Ramesh Konde, Appa Renuse, Datta Dhankawade, Rani Bhosale, Subhash Jagtap, Nilesh Dhamdere, Santosh Nangre, Ashwini Bhagwat, Gauri Jadhav, Jayashree Patil, Sunita More, and Santosh Farande were present on this occasion.

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