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Prime Minister Modi Speaks To ANI, Targets Cong, DMK And Reveals His Big Plans

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Prime Minister Modi speaks  to ANI, targets Cong, DMK  and reveals his big plans

Image Source - Screengrab from ANI

Pune: PRIME Minister Narendra Modi was today in full form as he as answered a range of questions from news agency, ANI. The Prime Minister looked at ease and quite comfortable as he replied at the posers thrown at him.

The Prime Minister, while answering each and every question without getting ruffled, irritated or worked up, targetted the Congress as usual. Then he targetted DMK and finally the opposition.

Ms Smita Prakash, who was interviewing the Prime Minister, was asking questions without raising her voice or trying to cross-question him. It was all goodie-goodie and hunky dory interview..They were tailore-made questions, the opposition leaders said.

To be fair to Ms Smita Prakash, she asked all relevant questions, something the opposition is raising like ED raids and arrests, freezing of accounts and the electoral bonds. And the Prime Minister did not avoid replying to questions that raised eyebrows over his government's behaviour.

Alleging that the Congress party and its allies in INDIA bloc had used Ram Mandir issue like a political weapon, the Prime Minister slammed the Congress for refusing to attend the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Mr Modi said the opposition parties were spreading lies about the electoral bonds. He said of the 3000 companies who took electoral bonds, only 26 were under scanner. ''And only 37 per cent of the funds through electoral bonds went to BJP while 67 per cent went to opposition parties,'' he said.

The Prime Minister said he has big plans in the form of 2047 vision. ''I have big plans. My decisions are not aimed at freightening anyone or belittling anyone. They are all aimed at overall development of the country,'' he asserted.

The Prime Minister targetted the DMK, the ruling party of Tamil Nadu. ''The DMK has been opposing the Sanatan Dharma. It seems it is born with hatred for Sanatan Dharma. But then why is the Congress in alliance with DMK which is spewing venom on Sanatan Dharma. Indira Gandhi wore Rudraksha Maal...And the same Congress with which Mahatma Gandhi was associated is in alliance with a party like DMK. What is the compulsion for the Congress to ally with DMK ? Has the Congress lost its basic character ? What kind of perversion is this in the Congress mindset?" he asked

On his favourite 'One Nation One Election', plan, the Prime Minister said it will benefit the country.

On the question relating to allegations from the opposition that ED was targetting them, the Prime Minister reeled out figures. ''Before 2014, the ED had attached only Rs 5000 crore worth assets...In 10 years of my tenure, the ED has attached Rs one lakh crore worth of assets...These assets are of those involved in illegal activities...Shouldn't we allow ED to work independently ?,'' he said.

The interview was telecast live on TV channels. Many opposition leaders alleged that it was a scripted interview. However, BJP leaders said Prime Minister is capable of answering each and every question thrown at him. He has nothing to hide...His life is an open book, the BJP leaders said.

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