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Praful Patel’s Statement A Blatant Lie, Says Sharad Pawar Led NCP

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Praful Patel

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Pune: After senior leader Praful Patel's claims regarding NCP supremo Sharad Pawar's stance on supporting BJP, Mahesh Tapase, the chief spokesperson for NCP led by Sharad Pawar, has vehemently denied any such agreement.

Tapase alleged that Patel's statement was a deliberate attempt to create confusion amongst the electorate and he was speaking a blatant lie.

"Sharad Pawar firmly had already rejected any notion of supporting BJP, both in principle and action. This unequivocal dismissal stands as a testament to Pawar's unwavering commitment to his political convictions," Tapase said.

Tapase asserted that the rejection of proposal to support BJP is a clear source of frustration for Ajit Pawar, Praful Patel, and others, who recognize their dependence on Sharad Pawar's leadership to maintain relevance in Maharashtra politics.

Tapase remarked that the recent closure of cases expose the true motives behind Ajit Pawar group’s alignment with BJP, dispelling any notion of genuine developmental intent. 

"Ajit Pawar lacks the moral authority to represent NCP, as he has acquired the name and symbol of the party by backstabbing Sharad Pawar. Maharashtra's allegiance remains firmly with Sharad Pawar and his vision for the state's future. As Maharashtra prepares for upcoming elections, we remain steadfast in our ommitment to the people's welfare, guided by Sharad Pawar's unwavering leadership," said Tapase.

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