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Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Administration Records Surge In Water Tax Collection

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Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal

By our correspondent 
Tejas Navale

Pune: In a bid to streamline revenue collection, the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Administration has adopted a unique approach by integrating water tax collection with property tax collection operations, resulting in a remarkable increase in dues recovery.

Over the past six months, the Municipal Corporation has carried out a vigorous campaign to recover long-standing water dues, sealing approximately 300 taps. This concerted effort yielded a record-breaking collection of Rs 78.58 crore by March 31, representing a significant surge of 27 percent compared to the previous year.

Municipal Commissioner Shekhar Singh delegated the task of recovery to the Income Tax and Tax Collection Department, leveraging income tax collection techniques to enhance water dues retrieval. The department undertook measures such as issuing notices to defaulters, sealing assets, and initiating auctions to recover arrears effectively.

Highlighting the methodology employed, Shekhar Singh stated, "We utilised income tax collection strategies for water dues recovery, including disconnection of taps for defaulters. This innovative approach has yielded substantial results, demonstrating the effectiveness of consolidation in revenue collection."

The recovered water tax was sourced through various channels, including checks, cash, online payments, and mobile applications, underscoring the diverse avenues adopted for convenience and accessibility.

Looking ahead, Singh emphasised the ongoing tender process for consolidating property tax and water tax collection, a move aimed at streamlining payment processes and optimising municipal resources. "By integrating water supply systems with revenue collection mechanisms, we aim to address water leakage issues and enhance service quality," he added.

Pradeep Jambhale, Additional Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, affirmed the commitment to sustaining efforts to disconnect illegal taps and pursue defaulters. "The decision to consolidate tax collection operations has proved fruitful, enabling efficient recovery while bolstering overall revenue streams," he said.

The water tax recovered through various mediums is as follows:

Medium / Amount (in crores)

Check / 24.41

Cash / 19.21

Online / 21.43

BBPS / 13.32

App / 00.21

Total / 78.58

Previous year's water tax recovery was as follows:

Year / Amount Recovered (in Rs. Crores)

2019-20 / 42.94

2020-21 / 41.86

2021-22 / 54.97

2022.23 / 57.67

2023-24 / 78.57

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