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Organ Donation Walkathon 2024 Concluded

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Pune: The OD Walkathon 2024 to spread the message of Stay Fit and Donate Organs started from Ganraj Chowk in Baner (Pune) was good response from public Around five hundred people participated in two and a half and five kilometer walk sessions.

The “Organ Donation Walkathon” was organized by The Federation of Organ and Body Donation, 'Rotary Club of Poona North' and Jupiter Hospital.

On this occasion Former Deputy Chief of Army Staff Lt. General Sudarshan Hasbanis (Retd), Dr. S. N. Asthana-(Retd) Director DRDO (Armament, Delhi), Jupiter Hospital Executive Officer Dr Rajendra Patankar, Federation Vice President Sunil Deshpande, Prashant Paganis, Nagaraj Iyer, Sangeeta Nayak, Secretary Srikanth Kulkarni, Preeti Muske - Kshama Ganguly (Rotary Club of Poona North), social worker Ms. Kalyani Tokekar, Cine artist Pushkaraj Chirputkar, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Patil, Rupali Pathare, Amrita Devale, Nirmal and people from all sections of the society were present in large numbers.

Sunil Deshpande said “We are conducting Organ Donation walkathon first time in Pune. More than 5 lakh people die in the country due to organ failure and lack of organs transplant. Medical science has given us an effective option to save these deaths and organ donation.Even if only 1% of our country's population donates their organs, we can save the lives of many more people by fulfilling our need. The Federation of Organ and Body Donation is working through 15 branches to increase the organ donation awareness."

Sudarshan Hasbanis said “We can donate organs and save others live provided our own health is good. Stay fit and donate your organs. Motivate people around you to donate and promote it to make your’s and others life happy " he appealed.

Dr. S. N. Asthana said “Although India has a large population, we are still in the early stages of organ donation. There is a huge gap between organ donors and those in need. Donate your organs and body to keep others happy and working. It is necessary to implement organ donation programs at District , state and national level with the help of expert doctors and modern Hospitals."

The first five participants from five groups were awarded by lucky draw .

Shrikant Kulkarni proposed the vote of thanks . Mrs. Iravati Joshi and Kalyani Kulkarni compared the programme.

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