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Nach Ga Ghuma’, First Film On Housemaids To Hit Silver Screen On May 1

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Nach Ga Ghuma’, first film on housemaids to hit silver screen on May 1

Pune: A trailer of ‘Nach Ga Ghuma’, the most awaited Marathi film produced by Hiranygarbh Manoranjan and directed by ace director Paresh Mokashi was released today. 

After an overwhelming response to the poster, teaser, and two songs released by the producers over the last few weeks, the trailer released just two weeks ahead of its release is expected to create further buzz about the film among the cinegoers. The film is all set to release on May 1, the Maharashtra Day.

The trailer unfolds some more details about the concept and the screenplay of the film which has already catched the eyeballs for it out of the box concept. 

The trailer throws up some very interesting and entertaining encounters between the maid and the woman heading the house. 

It is a well known secret among the filmgoers that the film is the saga of the maid-woman relationship which is the story of every household. 

The scenes that are depicted in the trailer are the ones each one of us experience in house, but they create curiosity and entertain the audience. "Aah, this one is something different," the expression the viewers will have on their faces.

The trailer is all about what happens in the typical middle class household if the maid of the house goes on leave and quits her job. The chores the maid handles for the family so easily become the task for the members of it. Handling the daily chores becomes a nightmare for the family members. We, as the audience, imagine ourselves as the characters of the film after watching the scenes in Nach Ga Ghuma's trailer and teaser because it's the story of each one of us. It makes us realise how important the subject is and how perfectly it has been handled by the team of the film. 

Dominated by the women in all spheres of it, the film features a team of leading female actresses Mukta Barve, Namrata Sambherao, Sukanya Mone, Supriya Pathare, Saragna Sathe, Madhugandha Kulkarni, Sharmishtha Raut and child artist Mayra Waikul with more women hands in other responsibilities.

“We have received an overwhelming response to the poster, teaser and two songs released over the last few months. The patrons have got a rough idea about the texture of the story. I am sure the trailer released today will create a buzz further. Though the countdown has begun, patrons will have to wait for a few more days. They have started enquiring as to when the film is going to hit the screens,” said producer Swwapnil Joshi.

Director Paresh Mokashi said, “The film is about womanhood and practices, customs related to it. We have woven many minute details related to the women in the script to ensure the uniqueness of womanhood is projected subtly. The story has accurately woven witty and daily life incidents in the screenplay to ensure entertainment, without touching the dignity of women. At the same time, it also highlights how women are a perfect blend of merit and emotions.,” he added.

Speaking about the making of the film, Madhugandha Kulkarni, said, “The film lovers that are eagerly waiting for the film to release are assured it to be a true entertainer and we have left no stone unturned to bring it into reality. It has come out to be a complete product on every front, be it entertainment, acting, music or direction.”

Producer Sharmishtha Raut said that the out-of-the-box story has been skilfully handled by director Paresh Mokashi with up-to-the-mark performances by talented actors.

The recent Marathi hit Valvi was a film by Madhugandha, Paresh and Swapnil. The team behind its production has many popular films like Harishchadrachi Factory, Elizabeth Ekadashi. Chi Sau Kaan Atmapamplet, Valvi to its credit.

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