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Koyna Dam Bucks Drought Trend, Maintains 50% Water Level Amidst Scorching Summer

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Koyna Dam

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Pune: During the hot summer months in Maharashtra, while many dams and reservoirs are grappling with drought and water shortages, the Koyna Dam, also recognised as the Shivsagar Dam, stands at an impressive 50 percent capacity, holding 52.67 TMC (thousand million cubic feet) of water. Despite experiencing inadequate rainfall in the region last year and facing escalating temperatures, this reservoir level is deemed sufficient for the local residents.

This unexpected surplus in water reserves is attributed to the prudent water management strategies implemented by authorities, which included regulating water discharge and avoiding unnecessary release from the dam since the previous summer. This foresighted planning has ensured that the current water stock in the dam is deemed satisfactory and is projected to sustain itself until July of this year.

In a state grappling with acute water scarcity, especially evident in dwindling reservoirs, streams, and drains, the condition of the Koyna Dam presents a stark contrast. With a capacity of 105.25 TMC, the dam serves as a lifeline for agricultural irrigation, drinking water supply, and hydropower generation, catering to the needs of Satara and Sangli districts.

Notably, the Koyna Dam stands as an important hydropower project in the state, contributing a significant share towards meeting Maharashtra's electricity demand. Despite facing subpar rainfall last year, resulting in an accumulation of 89.09 TMC of water below its full capacity, meticulous water distribution and recycling initiatives were rigorously enforced by the dam administration throughout the year.

Groundwater was also repurposed for irrigation post-power generation, following discharge and reservoir tapping procedures. The volume and timing of irrigation were carefully scheduled, with consideration given to potential drought conditions.

Due to these measures, when other dams are facing drought-like situations, Koyna Dam still has more than 50% of its water stored.

Image Courtesy - Loksatta 

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