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Jalgaon Collector's Seven-Stage Approach To Revolutionise Poll Training

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Pune: In a novel move, the Jalgaon district of India is redefining election training. And how ? Through a well thought out and meticulously planned seven-stage program. 

The plan is led by none other the indefigtable Jalgaon District Collector Mr Ayush Prasad who has earlier served as Pune District Collector.

The initiative of Mr Prasad is aimed at ensuring the flawless execution of India's democratic process during the ongoing 2024 general election.

The program starts with comprehensive teaching sessions, immersing participants in every aspect of the electoral process. Leveraging diverse resources such as lectures, multimedia materials, and authoritative handbooks from the Election Commission, attendees are equipped with a deep understanding of election administration, Mr Prasad said.

Discussion sessions follow suit, providing a platform for dissecting rules, procedures, and real-world case studies, thus fortifying participants' comprehension of potential challenges during elections. Doubt-clearing sessions and dedicated helpdesks further enhance clarity and proficiency, Mr Prasad said.

Practical demonstration takes center stage, as participants engage in hands-on activities showcasing pre-election procedures and the operation of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and other vital equipment. A mock drill simulating election-day operations further sharpens skills and fosters readiness, he sais

The pinnacle of the program, said Mr Prasad, culminates in an oral examination conducted by Assistant Election Officers, evaluating candidates' preparedness for election-day responsibilities. "This is succeeded by a written test assessing proficiency in EVM/VVPAT usage. Those surpassing the 70 percent mark will be honored with a merit certificate, certifying them as qualified officers for election duty."

Mr Prasad who is also District Election Officer said the program's paramount objective of eradicating errors and ensuring a seamless electoral process. He praised the collaborative efforts of Additional Collector and Election Returning Officer Ankush Pinate, alongside all assistant election officers, in facilitating this pioneering training initiative.

The Jalgaon model of election training emerges as a beacon of excellence, reaffirming India's steadfast commitment to democracy and setting a global standard for meticulousness and transparency in electoral administration, Mr Prasad said in a press release.

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