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Fire Ravages Toy Factory In Pune's Budhwar Peth Area, Goods Worth Lakhs Burnt

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Fire Ravages Toy Factory in Pune's Budhwar Peth Area, Goods Worth Lakhs Burnt

Tejas Navale

Pune: Yesterday, a devastating fire engulfed Devrukhkar Wada, a two-story building housing a toy factory, located in Pune's Budhwar Peth Area. The wada, situated near the Bhausaheb Rangari Ganpati mandal, witnessed the destruction of goods worth lakhs of rupees in the blaze.


According to police reports, the fire erupted suddenly on April 16, around 2 p.m., triggering a swift response from authorities. Six fire engines rushed to the scene to combat the escalating flames, with ten officers and forty firefighters tirelessly working for two hours to bring the situation under control.


While the exact cause of the fire remains unclear, initial suspicions point towards a possible short circuit. Thankfully, there were no casualties reported as the wada was unoccupied at the time of the incident. However, the presence of a significant quantity of materials for making trophies exacerbated the losses, with the factory's inventory being completely burned by the inferno.


The fire was further fuelled by the wooden materials present in the wada, posing a formidable challenge to firefighting efforts. The trophy-making materials stored within the factory bore the brunt of the blaze, resulting in substantial financial losses for the establishment.


Despite the intense flames and potential for further damage, firefighters managed to prevent the fire from spreading to adjacent structures, averting a major catastrophe. The timely intervention and coordinated efforts of the firefighting team played a crucial role in containing the blaze and minimising its impact on surrounding properties.

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