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Dangerous Hoardings Fall Cause Traffic Chaos In Wagholi Amidst Unseasonal Downpour

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Dangerous Hiardings Fall Cause Traffic Chaos in Wagholi Amidst Unseasonal Downpour

Image Credit- Pune Mirror

Tejas Navale

Pune: Punekars have been grappling with muggy summer weather for the past few days, with unseasonal rainfall adding to their woes. Yesterday, the unexpected downpour caught many off guard, particularly in Wagholi and surrounding areas, where a dangerous accident occurred due to the sudden fall of perilous hoardings. 

The incident unfolded yesterday in a parking space along the Pune-Nagar Highway in Wagholi. The fall of the banner resulted in extensive damage to vehicles and triggered a significant traffic jam along the highway, causing inconvenience to commuters.

As the unanticipated rainfall hit Wagholi, a deteriorated hoarding collapsed on the Pune-Nagar highway, leading to a massive traffic snarl stretching for three to four kilometers. The fall of the hoarding also resulted in the breakage of electrical wires, posing additional hazards to workers who were going home at the scene.

Firefighters swiftly responded to the situation, rushing to remove the fallen hoarding using cutters amidst the darkness caused by the broken power lines. Concerns have been raised about the safety of such hoardings, particularly as the monsoon season approaches, reigniting questions about unauthorised structures in the city.

Citizens are now demanding action against unauthorised hoardings to prevent similar incidents in the future and ensure public safety.

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