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Cyber Thieves Scam Pune Police Constable Of Seven Lakh Rupees

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Cyber Thieves Scam Pune Police Constable of Seven Lakh Rupees

Tejas Navale

Pune: In a recent surge of cyber fraud incidents, a police constable from the Pune city police force has become the latest victim, losing a staggering seven lakh rupees. The constable, residing in Shivajinagar Police Colony, filed a complaint at the Shivajinagar police station in this regard.

The incident traces back to November of last year, when the constable came across an alluring advertisement on social media. The ad promised three-time returns on investments in the stock market, catching the constable’s attention. Intrigued by the prospect of high returns, he contacted the mobile number provided in the advertisement. The scammers, posing as investment advisors, convinced him to invest in the scheme through their recommended platform.

The constable was instructed to download a specific app to facilitate the investments. Trusting the detailed and convincing instructions, he installed the app on his mobile phone. Over the following eight months, he deposited a total of seven lakh forty-five thousand rupees into the bank accounts specified by the scammers. Surprisingly, throughout this period, the app displayed seemingly positive returns in his account.

However, trouble surfaced when he attempted to withdraw his supposed earnings. Despite numerous attempts, he could not retrieve any funds. Realising something was amiss, he tried contacting the scammers, only to find their mobile numbers switched off. It was then that he discovered he had fallen prey to an elaborate cyber fraud.

The constable promptly reported the incident to the Shivajinagar police station. Senior Police Inspector Chandrasekhar Sawant has taken charge of the investigation, aiming to trace the culprits and recover the lost funds.

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